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The inspiring story of a BMX champion who overcame an abusive childhood through the love and life lessons of his interracial foster family

Runtime - 98min

tomatometer - 8,9 / 10 Star

Writers - J.R. Reher



Day 2 into 2020 and I'm already having a breakdown while listening to this song. Great, love Helen... I wanna see Scotty ride the pump track every day! thats the kind of teraphy he needs. Play 0:00 0:00 Settings Fullscreen level 1 Which one is it going to be? OH SHITBURGERS level 2 it's like someone handing you a revolver for russian roulette, but the revolver has all six chambers loaded and you didn't know level 1 Live Leak? You son of a bitch, I'm in! level 2 Chinese watermark? Im also in! level 2 Hold My Feeding Tube? This is Hold OUR Feeding Tubes level 2 watchpeopledie lives on in this watermark level 2 That's because the top didn't fall all the way to the ground, otherwise they would all be dead. level 2 I was sure someone died after seeing the liveleak logo lol level 2 Thank you, because I couldn't even tell what happened in the end, much less if people died. level 2 Thanks for bringing the facts. Some heros don't wear capes.

Nobody: Literally nobody: Tyler: Time to crowd surf. I refuse to believe that its been seven years. I refuse. 2019? anyone. Free Download The. Free download the ride 2017. Free download the ride video. Twenty one pilots: never trust a song thats flawless Me: but this song is flawless. THE HANDSHAKE IS BACK. Its so cool that they called back the handshake. First time we saw it was in Stressed Out, in a typical urban setting. Now its in what looks like a dystopia/apocalypse. After everything thats happened, the bond between Tyler and Josh is still as strong as ever...

Se alguém aí já superou essa música, por favor me ensina! ❤️. Now if she can teach me how to become this skinny & dance like her. From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core Look up ride in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Ride may refer to: Amusement ride Ride, a 2002 novel by David Walton RIDE: A Review Journal for Digital Editions and Resources, a peer-reviewed academic journal published by the Institut für Dokumentologie und Editorik Ride quality, how well a vehicle copes with uneven surfaces Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere, a sobriety testing program used by Canadian police Road Improvement and Development Effort, a highway program in South Carolina Rural Institute for Development Education, an NGO based in Tamil Nadu, India Tony Hawk: Ride, a video game Ride (video game) 2015 video game Films Ride (1998 film) a 1998 comedy by Millicent Shelton Ride, a 2004 short film by Stephen Sinclair Ride (2009 film) a 2009 Telugu film Ride (2014 film) an American drama film starring Helen Hunt Music Ride cymbal, the standard cymbal in most drum kits Ride (band) a British indie rock band "Ride" a contemporary concert band piece composed by Samuel Hazo "Ride" an instrumental from Bond's 2002 album Shine Ride, meaning musical improvisation, common in early jazz Albums Ride (EP) by Ride Ride (Godspeed album) Ride (Jamie Walters album) Ride (Boney James album) Ride (Shelly Fairchild album) Ride (Oysterband album) Ride (Billy Crawford album) Ride (Jo Hikk album) Ride (Motor Sister album) issued in 2015 by Metal Blade R. I. D. E., by Trick Pony Songs "Ride" Ace Hood song) Ride" Ciara song) Ride" Lana Del Rey song) Ride" Twenty One Pilots song) Ride" Martina McBride song) Ride" by Presence "Ride" SoMo song) Ride" The Vines song) Ride" by Royce da 5'9" featuring Juan, Big Herk and Ingrid Smalls from Independent's Day "Ride" from the Beautiful Creatures album Beautiful Creatures "Ride" from the Cary Brothers album Who You Are "Ride" from the Deepsky album In Silico "Ride" from the Liz Phair album Whitechocolatespaceegg "Ride" from the Rob Zombie album Educated Horses "Ride" from the Robyn Hitchcock album Perspex Island "Ride" from The Dandy Warhols album Dandys Rule OK "Ride" from the Usher album Confessions People Sally Ride (1951–2012) American astronaut William Ride (born 1926) Australian zoologist See also The Ride (disambiguation) Rider (disambiguation) Rides (disambiguation) Riding (disambiguation.

Now im confused in this song they say “dont trust a song thats flawless” so i cant trust this song but if i dont trust this song i cant trust when they say to not trust a song thats flawless so should i trust this song. Im Here from my edits!💞🤗. More: U. S. Department of Justice, U. Department of Justice, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, TechCrunch, The Verge, Federal Bureau …, Axios, ZDNet, Equifax, Tom's Hardware, Telegraph, BleepingComputer, BBC, VICE, HackRead, Ars Technica, BGR, SiliconANGLE, The Next Web, Input, Techdirt, Federal Computer Week, CNBC, Engadget, Yahoo Finance, Threatpost, Tom's Guide, The Hacker News, CNET, Nextgov, Computer Business Review, Dark Reading, Security Boulevard, MIT Technology Review, Popular Mechanics, Business Insider, Reuters, Gizmodo, CyberScoop, Mashable, Digital Trends, and Slashdot Tweets: zackwhittaker, hshaban, swiftonsecurity, vermontgmg, dalperovitch, ajitpaifcc, dnvolz, kennwhite, selectedwisdom, senwarren, swiftonsecurity, emptywheel, kimzetter, hshaban, iblametom, shashj, alex, ericgeller, alfredwkng, campuscodi, alfredwkng, dnvolz, ericgeller, privacyproject, robertmaguire. ridt, joeuchill, alexstamos, kimzetter, senatorromney, and @profcarroll.

Free download the bridge remagen. Mana orang indo ni... Jngn salah fokus wahai orang indonesia... 🇮🇩 Lagi puasa jngn sampai batal gara2 lagu ya... you know lah... When I seen this I got so excited omg. Free download there for you star. Ride   (rīd) v. rode (rōd) ridden (rĭd′n) riding, rides v. intr. 1. a. To be carried or conveyed, as in a vehicle or on horseback. b. Sports To participate in a board sport such as snowboarding. 2. To travel over a surface: This car rides well. 3. To move by way of an intangible force or impetus; move as if on water: The President rode into office on a tide of discontent. 4. Nautical To lie at anchor: battleships riding at the mouth of the estuary. 5. To seem to float: The moon was riding among the clouds. 6. To be sustained or supported on a pivot, axle, or other point. 7. To be contingent; depend: The final outcome rides on the results of the election. 8. To continue without interference: Let the matter ride. 9. 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To torment with persistent insult or ridicule: Idiom: wave the red flag in front of the bull. phrasal verb ride out To exist in spite of adversity: noun A trip in a motor vehicle: Translations رِحْلَةٌ على ظَهْر الفَرَس رُكُوب شَوط رُكْبَه يَرْكَب يَرْكَبُ jízda jet jet na jezdit jezdit na koni ride køre køretur lift køre på راندن kyyti rassi ratsastaa ajaa ajelu jahati povesti autom vožnja lovagol ellovagol kerékpározás lovaglás fara túr ríîa út ríîa; hjóla ríîa; hjóla; ferîast meî mótorhjóli/bíl taka òátt í 乗る 乗ること 人を車に乗せてあげること 타기 (탈것에) 타다 (차에) 태워 주기 jodinėti jojimo mokykla joti nujoti važinėti braukt doties izjādē īss brauciens izbraukums izjāde viezť sa jahati ježa prevoz voziti voziti se åka åktur rida skjuts การเดินทางโดยยานพาหนะหรือหลังม้า การโดยสารไปด้วย cuộc đi cưỡi sự đi nhờ xe ride [raɪd. rode ( vb: pt. ridden ( pp. ride back VI + ADV → volver (a caballo, en bicicleta) ride by VI + ADV → pasar ( a caballo, en bicicleta etc) ride down VT + ADV ride up VI + ADV 2. skirt, dress] → subirse ride [ˈraɪd] n to have a rough ride. difficult time) → en baver. distance covered) → trajet m (in fairground) → manège m vb [ rode] ˈrəʊd. pt. ridden] ˈrɪd ə n. pp) vi. compete in race. jockey] → courir. go somewhere) on horseback) → aller (à cheval. on a bike) → aller (à bicyclette. on a motorbike) → aller (à moto. by bus) → aller (en autobus. by car) → aller (en voiture) He rode to work on a bicycle → Il est allé au travail à bicyclette. It's a comfortable car to ride in BUT C'est une voiture confortable. He mounted his horse and rode away BUT Il a enfourché son cheval et il est parti. We rode all day BUT Nous sommes restés toute la journée en selle. We rode all the way BUT Nous avons fait tout le chemin en selle. Nous avons fait tout le chemin à cheval. ship] to ride at anchor → être à l'ancre to be riding (on horse) → être à cheval; on motorbike) → être à moto two men riding on motorcycles → deux hommes à moto ride vb: pret , ptp vi (on a horse etc, Sport) → reiten (→ on auf +dat) to go riding → reiten gehen; the jockey was riding just under 65 kg → der Jockey brachte knapp 65 kg auf die Waage; Peter Mandelson ride s again! fig hum) → Peter Mandelson ist wieder da. go in vehicle, by cycle etc) → fahren; he was riding on a bicycle → er fuhr mit einem Fahrrad; to ride on a bus/in a car/in a train/in a cart → in einem Bus / Wagen /Zug/Schubkarren fahren; to ride away or off/down → weg- or davon- hinunterfahren vt ( sl. have sex with) → reiten (sl) ride ( raid) – past tense rode (roud) past participle ridden (ˈridn) – verb 1. to travel or be carried (in a car, train etc or on a bicycle, horse etc. He rides to work every day on an old bicycle; The horsemen rode past. to (be able to) ride on and control (a horse, bicycle etc. Can you ride a bicycle? 3. to take part (in a horse-race etc. He's riding in the first race. to go out regularly on horseback ( eg as a hobby. 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Can I have a ride on your bike? ˈrider noun ˈriding-school noun a place where people are taught to ride horses. ride → رُكُوب, يَرْكَبُ, يُوَصِلُ شَخْصاً بِالْسِيَارَةِ jet na, jízda, svezení køretur, lift, ride Fahrt, Mitfahrgelegenheit, reiten διαδρομή με μεταφορικό μέσο, δωρεάν μεταφορά με το αυτοκίνητο, καβαλάω llevar en carro, llevar en coche, montar, paseo, vuelta ajomatka, kyyti, ratsastaa emmener, monter, tour jahati, povesti autom, vožnja cavalcare, cavalcata, passaggio 乗る, 乗ること, 人を車に乗せてあげること 타기, 탈것에) 타다, 차에) 태워 주기 berijden, lift, ritje ri, skyss, tur podwiezienie, pojechać, przejażdżka boleia, carona, montar, passeio , , åktur, rida, skjuts การเดินทางโดยยานพาหนะหรือหลังม้า, การโดยสารไปด้วย, ขี่ เช่นขี่ม้า ขี่จักรยานหรือจักรยานยนต์ ata binmek, birini arabayla evine bırakma, gezinti cuộc đi, cưỡi, sự đi nhờ xe 兜风, 搭车, 骑 Could you give me a ride to the repair shop? US) Can you give me a lift to the garage? UK.

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Being a teenager is hard as fuck; you find yourself in a state of flux where almost nobody will relate at all to you, whether theyre young or old. This is okay. Its gonna take a while for you to find who you really are. You probably wont start settling on a solid persona until you hit 16-18. What seems permanent right now is most likely just a phase, even though you said how much it really is you forever now. That doesnt mean resist what you want to do because its just a phase. Embrace the weird stuff. Listen to death metal. Watch anime. Paint your nails. Wear crazy neon colors that dont match. Do it. And take lots of pictures when you do. Itll be hilarious later. Talk to your crush. Ask her out. Its okay to be nervous, just dont be weird. It helps if you get to know her as a person a little bit before making your move, and at least make it seem like you have a sense of self-respect. Clean up after yourself, look/smell clean, and for fucks sake, dont seem like youre desperate. Make some goddamn friends. It absolutely sucks to look back on most of your high school experience and realize that all you did was play video games, watch anime, and jerk off the entire time. All that will do is make you feel depressed and worthless. (Youre still gonna feel that way regardless, but at least youll have someone to talk about it with) Find some people that you can relate to. If youre a nerd who likes to talk about anime, science, and video games, try talking to the quiet kid or something. Sit in the back of every fucking class. If youre lucky you can snack, use your phone, and draw dicks on the table all year without the teacher noticing. In a few years. youre either gonna find a lot of formerly cool shit right to be cringy as fuck, or youre going to be cringy as fuck. Try to be the first one. Learn to laugh at your cringeworthy moments, and learn from your true mistakes. Talk to the janitor. Learn his/her name. Use it. Talk to the security guards. Find out which ones are the cool ones. Trust me, Ive gotten out of so much shit just because I had a security guard cover my ass. Join clubs. If you dont like them, dont go, but at least try a few and see if you can get involved. Same goes with after-school activities. If youre gonna fuck, get some fucking protection. If youre gonna smoke weed, get some fucking snacks, and do it with people that you like. If youre not primarily focused on academics, getting a part-time job to earn some cash is literally one of the best things you can do while still in school. That doesnt mean “get all ‘Cs and work at McDonalds”. Your academics are important and your performance in school should be a priority. Getting a license and a car is SO FUCKING WORTH IT. Your world opens up like ten times over when you suddenly have the capability to drive anywhere you want to go. If youre the guy/girl with a ride, its super easy to cement yourself as the “pack leader” for your friend group. Plus its going to set you up for success after you graduate. More than anything, live life how you really want, on your terms. Dont bottle yourself up and hide who you really are. Youre a special, one-of-a-kind human being and there wont ever be another person like you ever again. You are made up of the essence of a thousand dying stars, and you have that same power to light up the world with what potential you have. Use it wisely. And with that, r/teenagers, I bid you farewell. I hope you all have an excellent 6 years of confusion.

The Apollo computers were designed with a kind of memory called “core rope memory. ” It was the densest computer memory available at that moment in time—between 10 and 100 times more efficient, in terms of weight and space, of any other memory available, absolutely essential on spacecraft where weight and space were always at a premium. But core rope memory suffered from one small problem: It had to be made by hand. Each wire representing a 1 or a 0 in the computer program had to be positioned with absolute precision, by a person, using a needle, and wire instead of thread. A wire threaded through the center of a tiny ring-shaped magnet was a one. A wire threaded to the outside of that magnet was a zero. Free Download The ride or die.

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These Middle Eocene gastropod shells from Texas are just a small sample of the fossils in amateur paleontologist Christopher Garvie's collection. The study leveraged Garvie's fossils to study how past periods of climate change impacted mollusks along the Gulf Coast of the United States. Credit: Christopher Garvie About 55 million years ago, a rapidly warming climate decimated marine communities around the world. But according to new research, it was a different story for snails, clams and other mollusks living in the shallow waters along what is now the Gulf Coast of the United States. They were able to survive. The findings, published on Feb. 7 in Scientific Reports, suggest that mollusks in the region may adapt yet again to the climate change of today. "Mollusks are sort of unique in this aspect as they are better adapted to cope with high temperatures. said lead author William Foster, an assistant professor at the University College Dublin and former postdoctoral researcher at The University of Texas at Austin Jackson School of Geosciences. The paper's co-authors are Jackson school Assistant Professor Rowan Martindale, Cornell College Assistant Professor and former Jackson School postdoctoral researcher Drew Muscente, and Jackson School alumna Anna Weiss, who contributed to the research while earning her Ph. D. Coauthors also include an international team of collaborators and amateur Austin paleontologist Christopher Garvie. The backbone of the research is Garvie's personal collection of Gulf Coast mollusk fossils, which he has collected over the past 30 years. He estimates that his collection includes over a quarter million specimens from sites ranging from Texas to Florida on the Gulf Coast and Florida to New Jersey on the Atlantic Coast. "Being particular about the details, I kept notes of where I got things and I never threw anything away. Garvie said. "Even if I found 50 of one species, I would keep them all. That turns out to be useful for understanding community evolution and climate change distribution. " Garvie and Foster met at the Jackson School's Non-Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory, the sixth largest paleontological repository in the United States. Garvie's collection contains specimens from the Cretaceous through the Eocene—a time period starting about 66 million years ago and lasting about 32 million years. It provided a great opportunity to study how periods of climate change during that time impacted mollusk communities. "This research is a prime example of a scientific study that would not have been possible without a citizen scientist and the excellent collections at the Non-Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory. said Martindale. A map of the 534 fossil sites used in the study. Circles represent new locations, and asterisks are previously sampled locations. Green = Cretaceous samples, Orange = Paleocene samples, and Red = Eocene samples. Credit: Foster et al. During the time the research focuses on, the Earth was in a warmer state than it is today, with no large ice sheets covering the poles. Even in this "hot house" state, the period contained multiple temperature spikes that warmed the planet even more. One of these spikes—the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM. occurred about 55 million years ago and is frequently compared to the human-driven climate change happening today. During the PETM, atmospheric carbon dioxide rose rapidly, which in turn caused average global temperatures to rise by 9 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. While the PETM led to a decline in coral reef communities and the mass extinction of seafloor dwelling plankton called foraminifera, the Gulf Coast mollusks survived. "It does highlight that even in events that we think are devastating, there's still a bit of hope from these resilient communities. Martindale said. The scientists found that some mollusk species did go extinct in the 32 million-year period they studied, however they didn't find any link between those extinctions and temperature spikes, which suggests they were not related to climate change. While Gulf Coast mollusks made it through the PETM and other temperature spikes unscathed, Foster said that this period of warming may only go so far as an analog for climate change happening today. The Earth today is in an overall cooler state than it was during the PETM, and temperatures are rising much faster, meaning that mollusks— along with other life— may need to make a larger adjustment to their lifestyles in less time. "The mollusks that live in the Gulf today are adapted to a colder climate, and the lack of impact in our study differs to projected changes because in the Early Cenozoic, global warming was happening in an already hot world. Foster said. Along with climate change, Foster said that Gulf Coast mollusks are facing additional pressure from modern threats of overfishing, pollution, invasive species and loss of habitat, all which have the potential to drive regional extinctions. More information: William J. Foster et al. Resilience of marine invertebrate communities during the early Cenozoic hyperthermals, Scientific Reports (2020. DOI: 10. 1038/s41598-020-58986-5 Citation: Gulf coast mollusks rode out past periods of climate change (2020, February 10) retrieved 10 February 2020 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.

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It's funny how my mama name is Anne Marie & this video came out on Her & my sista birthday.

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Just ordered from amazon. Now for a movie deal and other offers coming your way congratulations 🥳😻😻😻😻😻. Free Download The ride. > “I like pets but Im a little overwhelmed. ” For sure. That dog has a decent amount of fear going on. Of course, dogs, like people, can experience more than one emotion at a a time, but the most noticeable one there is fear. I'd be willing to bet that the dog did a "shaking off water" kind of thing after the girls were not doing that any more. That or something like it. That is one of the ways they shake off stress.

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' Leaked Movie Titles. Watch full HD English Full Movie Download. English Full Movie Online Free Download RIDE HD 1080p Ride Found there. Not expecting an answer honestly, but would a lower cadence be easier to hold? For me, a lower cadence keeps my body more still. Free download the ride without. The first guy got so lucky there wasnt a car coming :L. Anyone here from Tik Tok. Rosé brought me here 🖤. Free download the ride mp3. LUcci go in on this right here, he slept on like a mf! Lucci aint like all these SLim Jesus lames out there who just be goin viral by usin AUthentic Views Com to get they views up and go viral SMH. Free download the ride movie. 2 Play 0:00 0:00 Settings Fullscreen level 2 Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Kerry Schmidt told Global News that he is aware of the video. He said that as of Wednesday evening, he wasnt aware whether a complaint had been filed or an investigation had been launched. I'd like to file a complaint. The driver is an idiot. level 2 Thank you... came to the comments to ask this, area looked familiar... shenanigans looked familiar too level 2 Makes sense, worst highway on earth. Fuck that road level 2 I recognizer the 401 loosing years to my life watching those sound barriers crawl by. level 2 The “Highway of Death”. Makes sense. level 2 I totally thought Vancouver, Snow makes drivers here freak right out. level 2 That's fuckin hilarious because I even said to myself this looks like Ontario drivers hahahah 😂😂😂 level 2 I knew this has to be a Canadian. level 1 Maybe they stopped quick and all of the roof snow they didnt clean off slid on to the windshield. level 2 At the same time though there's nothing stopping them from turning on the hazards and pulling over for 1 minute to clean it real quick. level 2 Yes! Idk why people think its cool do drive with roof snow level 2 This video should be shown to all learner drivers as to why to clear their roof! level 2 Probably, but that barely makes it better. Not cleaning your roof is already pretty damn stupid but not moving to the shoulder of the road so you can safely clean it off is even worse.

Kirk Douglas represented the embodiment of Hollywood stardom, but he likely would not have been a fan of Sundays Oscar show. Indeed, he might have ended up standing offstage with Quentin Tarantino, both wondering why the ceremonies seem oddly distanced from both Hollywood and its stars. Tarantino made a downright affectionate movie about Hollywood, but had to watch a Korean filmmaker seize the Best Picture statuette. Quentin and Kirk know that the Oscar show had originally been invented by Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Charlie Chaplin to prove that the talent – i. e., stars – still ran the show, not the corporations. Ninety years later, star vehicles dont win Oscars. Further, post-Oscar analysts focus less on the winning feature and its star than on whether Netflixs lavish 100 million awards campaign paid off in sufficient trophies (the streamer won 24 nominations but only two Oscars. Related Story Kirk Douglas Appreciation: Spartacus' And A Whole Lifetime Of Movie Memories Douglas coveted the awards derby. He was nominated three times as Best Actor in his first decade as a star and usually starred in three movies a year. “I was always attracted to characters who are part scoundrel, ” was his famous explanation. To Douglas, stardom meant not only working a lot but also putting his prestige behind important movies – hence Lonely are the Brave, Lust for Life and Spartacus. Rallying behind the then-unknown Stanley Kubrick was vital to bringing Paths of Glory to the screen. His unrelenting support of Dalton Trumbo was the key to liberating blacklisted screenwriters. In the early 1960s when the strapped studios eliminated their overall deals with stars, Douglas was the most aggressive in creating independent companies to develop projects. Others like William Holden, Humphrey Bogart and Spencer Tracy seemed paralyzed by the realization that no one was around any more to feed them material or match them with appropriate directors. When I once slipped a book to John Wayne some years ago – it was True Grit – he seemed surprised that someone would actually feed him a new project (I was a studio executive at the time. Had I donated it to Douglas, he would have optioned the novel by dinner time and hired a screenwriter. Instead, Wayne asked his friend, Hal Wallis, to help him figure out how to take it from there. Pitt John Salangsang/BEI/Shutterstock Kirk Douglas skillfully put together a development slate, and even raised financing funding. Oscar winners like Crash or Birdman, however, would not have been in his purview, nor would he have reacted exuberantly to the Big Win for Parasite. He liked “big” pictures and “big” stars that had international audiences. On the Oscar show, he also would have liked to see more clips of big scenes, and heard from more stars presenting awards – more Brad Pitt types and perhaps even a Clooney, Cruise or Gibson. Most of all he would have liked an Oscar show that featured Hollywood. But my guess is that this year he personally would have cast his vote for Parasite but rooted for Tarantinos Hollywood epic.

Free download the ride full. Free download the idea of public law. Free download the reader film. President Donald Trump is in New Hampshire tonight on the eve of tomorrows big primary to hold a campaign rally. The president will be speaking to supporters in New Hampshire while the people running to be his Democratic opponent continue campaigning ahead of the vote. The latest polling shows Bernie Sanders leading the pack. Trump is holding the rally in the wake of him acquittal in the Senate last week and subsequent decision to remove both Alexander Vindman and his brother from their positions at the White House, as well as firing Gordon Sondland. The president has celebrated the Senate acquittal but also took to Twitter over the weekend to go after senators that voted to convict, including Mitt Romney and Joe Manchin. You can watch live above, via PBS. Have a tip we should know? email protected.

Free download the ride songs. One: Don't pick up the phone Two: Don't let him in Three: Don't be his friend Four: Don't start now. Free Download the bride dresses. Where's my bus? Ways to determine the real time of your bus arrival, new software FAQs, steps for creating a mobile phone icon. read more Ride On Routes & Schedules All your RideOn schedules and route info. read more. Ride On extRa is on the road! Check out this animated video about the new limited-stop service between Lakeforest Transit Center and Medical Center Metro. Ride On & Transit Services Transit Services at a Glance Inside Transit Ride On Schedules, Fares and News Area Transit Links, Commuter Guides Seasonal Activities Seniors and People With Disabilities Other Services Ride On - The Division 's central mission Commuter Services  - Car pool, Van Pool, and other services to the commuters Special Transportation  - Services for seniors and people with disabilities Taxicab Regulation  - Taxicab licenses and permits US29 Alignment of Routes for the new FLASH service On May 3, 2020, Ride On will modify its local bus service along the US29 corridor to better align with the new, higher frequency, limited-stop service called the FLASH. Please come out to our Open House meetings: January 27, 2020 6:30 – 7:30 pm  Montgomery Blair High School January 29, 2020 6:30 – 7:30 pm  East County Regional Service Center Learn about the proposed service changes. Your feedback and comments will be welcomed. The routes being proposed include: Route 8 – Wheaton-Forest Glen-Silver Spring Route 9 – Wheaton-Four Corners-Silver Spring Route 10 – Twinbrook-Glenmont-White Oak-Hillandale Route 12 – Takoma-Flower Avenue-Wayne Avenue-Silver Spring Route 13 – This route will be covered by Routes 12 & 19 Route 14 – Takoma-Piney Branch Road-Franklin Avenue-Silver Spring Route 19 – Northwood-Four Corners-Silver Spring Route 21 – Briggs Chaney-Tamarack-Dumont Oaks-Silver Spring Route 22 – Hillandale-White Oak-FDA-Silver Spring You may also email comments to Other Ride On User Guide - en español Bus Advertising - If your business is interested in advertising on Ride On, contact our contractor Direct Media Informational Safety on how to ride Ride On safely Ride On transit information Passenger Bill of Rights and Responsibilities - en español Disruptive Behavior Notice To Passengers APTA - American Public Transportation Association Bike and Ride with Ride On - All Ride On buses are bike rack equipped. Lost and Found Getting Around Montgomery County - From here you can find the ways to get to libraries, County Service Centers, schools, parks, rec centers, health centers and many other places with Ride On service nearby. Night request after 9:00PM Reading Materials Title VI Montgomery County assures that no person shall, on the grounds of race, color, or national origin, as provided by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Civil Rights Act of 1987, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any program or activity. For more information or to file a complaint, please contact the Montgomery County Office of Human Rights. Seniors Ride Free now have expanded hours on Saturdays. The new Saturday hours are 8:30 am - 4 pm. Weekday free hours (9:30 am - 3 pm)  remain the same. View more information here. Don't have your Senior SmarTrip Card yet? You can purchase one for 2 at any Montgomery County Public Library with proof of age and address. Ride Ons Youth Cruiser SmarTrip Card - GET YOURS NOW! Accessibility Information Portable oxygen, respirators, and concentrators are allowed on all Ride On buses All buses are equipped with accessibility features and we accept all wheelchairs that our lifts or ramps are capable of lifting Service animals are allowed on all Ride On buses Reasonable Modification of Policies In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and directives from the Federal Transit Administration, Ride On will make every effort, to the maximum extent feasible, to ensure that a person with a disability has access to, and benefits from, its services. Ride On will make reasonable modifications to its policies, programs, and procedures applicable to its transportation services, when necessary to avoid discrimination and ensure accessibility for people with disabilities. Reasonable modifications do have limitations and are not intended to: Cause a direct threat to the health and safety of others Create undue financial and administrative burdens Constitute a fundamental alteration to a Ride-on service Considerations when making a reasonable modification request: Individuals requesting modifications shall describe what they need in order to use the service. Individuals requesting modifications are not required to use the term “reasonable modification” when making a request. Whenever feasible, requests for modifications shall be made and determined in advance, before Ride On is expected to provide the modified service; for example, by completing the reasonable modification request form or by contacting Montgomery Countys ADA Office at   or by phone at 240-777-6197 Where a request for modification cannot practicably be made and determined in advance (e. g., because of a condition or barrier at the destination of a paratransit or fixed route trip of which the individual with a disability was unaware until arriving) operating personnel shall make a determination of whether the modification should be provided at the time of the request. Operating personnel may consult with management before making a determination to grant or deny the request. The request must identify the modification needed in order to use the service. Whenever feasible, please make the request in advance, before the modification is needed to access the service. Within the scope of the ADA and reasonable modification, if Ride On denies a request it will make every effort, to the maximum extent feasible, to ensure that a person with a disability has access to, and benefits from, its services. To request reasonable modifications based on a disability please use the Reasonable Modification Request Form. Ride On will review the request in accordance with its reasonable modification plan.  Ride On strives to respond, in writing, to each request within 30 calendar days.  All the information involved with this process will be kept confidential in the ADA Managers Office. How to File an ADA Complaint Montgomery County has adopted an internal grievance/complaint procedure providing for prompt and equitable resolution of complaints alleging any action prohibited by the U. S. Department of Justice regulations implementing Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA. Title II states, in part, that "no otherwise qualified disabled individual shall, solely by reason of such disability, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination" in programs or activities sponsored by a public entity. For our grievence process including how to file a complaint, go to: ADA Title II Compliance Contact information ADA Title II Compliance Manager Montgomery County Government Department of General Services 101 Monroe Street, 9th Floor, Rockville, MD 20850 Phone: 240-777-6197 Email.

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Level 1 Moderator of r/GameDeals, speaking officially Score hidden 4 days ago Stickied comment level 1 Original Poster 461 points 4 days ago edited 4 days ago level 2 KCD? Thats pretty nuts imo. level 2 Look like the leak was a month off level 2 Aztez is a frickin bad-ass game for anyone that enjoys Devil May Cry-type games. The developer Ben Ruiz is a beat'em-up junkie, and has written up a bunch of beat'em-up analysis of other games. It combines the basic gameplay of a 2D brawler (with significant combo/air-juggle) with a really tough campaign mode (it's a 2X - Xpand, Xterminate. level 2 Seriously? Kingdom come deliverance? Wow! level 2 Comment deleted by user 4 days ago ( More than 1 child) level 2 KDC! There is no reason to buy games anymore, I swear. level 2 Nice, always wanted to try Aztez but never pulled the trigger. level 2 In Kingdom Come do you kill crusaders or play as one of them? level 2 ngrats epic, I see no reason to buy games anymore. At least a dozen of the games given away have been on my wish list. I wonder how much of an impact theyve had on the other store fronts with these freebies. level 2 never expected kingdom come level 2 Comment deleted by user 4 days ago ( More than 1 child) level 2 Really tried to enjoy Kingdom Come but the combat just wasn't fun to me. It was a chore to play. level 2 Nice. January was a ton of niche stuff I'm not into, so these are great.

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